The Finder


Making a 4.25 Inch Dobsonian Reflector Telescope



          The last item I built for this scope was a finder.   Part of my goal was to build something removable so that it could be used on another larger scope, should I choose to build one.   The optics were purchased from Surplus Shed.  They consisted of a 2 inch objective, a right angle mirror and another .965 eyepiece. In order to give the eyepiece a cross hair, I glued two cat wiskers across the lens. Trial and error got it in the right place.  


          The housing was made from flat black plastic that was cut on a laser cutter, and then glued together.   In order to make it adjustable in two dimensions, I glued the housing to a small piece of wood, which was attached to a hinge.   The hinge in turn was attached to another thin piece of wood.  This piece was attached to a mounting block but allowed to swivel from side to side.   The pictures might explain this better.


Bottom View




Top View




Hinge Opened



The mounting block was mounted on top of the rocker box and set in place by two short dowel rods.





Finally, a small bungee cord is used to secure the finder in place.